Resurrecting Sabotaged Lashes & Brows

I have a few buds that like to go to the ahem *clears throat* Chinese lady  salon to get their lashes done when they can’t get to me in time. tsk tsk. As a result some have complained of having, shall we say, alopecia of some sort on their eyelids from wayyyy to much lash glue and not following proper lash removal methods. They complain and run into my studio complaining of not having enough of their own natural lashes to even apply falsies. That can be an epic fail when you are trying to get your mug right for an event. That Ardell lash glue is something else…ain’t it.  It’s a good formula and it burns like hell so you have to know what you are doing to both apply it and remove it. *cracks knuckle, pops collar*  I get questions all the time like, “Rae what can I use to grow out my lashes?”  Some even go as far as  in spending their hard earned bucks for expensive products Latisse that claim to give you Cousin It-like lashes in a matter of days, but there is something far less expensive that many have reported to do quite the same. Minus the Cousin-It part though!  So pu that debit card back in your wallet. There are only 2 inexpensive things you need to bring the MAGIC back to your eyelids.


I’ve been on this Castor oil challenge for my natural hair lately but I will fill you in on that in a whole ‘nother post at a whole ‘nother time. All you need is an old mascara wand that you have cleaned and some spoolies [pictured above]  and some unrefined, cold-pressed Castor Oil (you can find this at mostly all health food stores). A little teeny bit of Castor Oil on the the spooly wand is all you need to coat your natural lashes every night before bed (try not to make a mess or get the oil in your eyes please!) In the morning just wash your face and do your makeup and repeat the same steps each night until you notice results. I’ve heard it taking about 2 weeks to notice new lashes budding through sometimes less. It’s totally safe with no side effects, unless you are allergic to mascara wands. Tee hee!

The directions also works for those overly-tweezed, waxed and threaded eyebrows as well!


What are your thoughts?

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