Temporary Incognito

Hey, lovelies… I thought my blogging and YT activities would be halted due to a recent tragedy that has transpired in my bedroom. You know that funny thing that happens when you are drinking water and it goes down the wrong way? Well, I unintentionally spit water onto the keyboard of my laptop. I can no longer use certain keys… I did however locate a replacement internal/external keyboard on Ebay and I will be purchased that like yesterday. Meanwhile, I am using the “incognito” computer to deliver this message to you. I am thankful that I didn’t fry the motherboard, damage the screen or the hard drive so all is well. This laptop and I have been through many, many trials as I have previously taken the entire thing apart to replace a screen injury that I had caused. [see the vid below on how that worked out]. “I gots to be more careful!” I have so many posts that I have drafted and I cant post them without the corresponding photos to go with the posts so hang tight I’ll be full speed soon… I’ll be back in no time… meanwhile, I’ll do as much as I can on “incognito”. *deep sigh*

I refuse to go to Geek Squad or by a new laptop when there is education all over the Internet. I believe that if you know how to read and follow directions you can do almost anything. I am not IT expert by a long shot, but I am ‘frugalista’ and a Do-it Yourself kinda gal.

Love you guys!

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