Castor Oil & Shea Butter on Natural Hair.

As promised, I’ve been on this Castor Oil challenge and here is the mixture that I am putting on my hair daily. Some of you may remember your parents giving you Castor oil orally to flush out your system. It can be taken orally or used to soften skin and combat hair loss. A pomade of castor oil and shea butter moisturizes the hair and scalp and helps contribute to hair growth, thus my reason for using it on my hair.

Castor oil is beneficial for natural hair because it is a humectant, just like Glycerine… this simply means that the castor oil draws moisture from the air to the hair strands and softens the cuticle. Castor oil is a personal favorite for its ability to create a barrier over the hair strands and reduce dryness and breakage.“I’m looking to retain moisture as well as see some growth results.” I am “trying” to keep chemicals out out my hair and use all-natural products, but from time to type I do use my Argan Oil Ecco Styler gel to smooth out my edges. For the past week I’ve been rockin’ a sorta dry twist-out using the products pictured below. You can find cold-pressed castor oil  at most health food grocery stores and 100% natural shea butter at some “urban” beauty supply stores. I mixed the shea and castor together in a small container.

I applied a generous amount of the mixture to my hair from root to ends and I covered my hair with a satin bonnet to protect my pillow case.
 I remember when my mom would plat and twist my hair in a style similar to this and send me to school as a little girl. I sooo hated it. Although, I won’t be going out in public with my hair like this.

I took each twist apart and divided them and tied a thin scarf around my perimeter as a hair accessory.
So far, so good. I can notice that my hair is becoming a lot thicker than it was before. I have also noticed some growth and very minimal shedding. My hair is also a lot softer than it was weeks before the challenge. It’s definitely a lot more manageable and easier to detangle. If it matters, my hair type is 4a/b.

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