Haulin’ | Maybelline Color Tattoo 24Hr Cream Shadow

The search is still on! I looked high and low for the Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hour Cream shadows and all I found were empty displays. They were not at the Target and I surely couldn’t locate them in the few WalMarts I went to. I almost called it a quits but I went into CVS and lo and behold, these two babies were nestled on the display. I grabbed the last two and trotted to the register like I had just found gold. Wanna know what the best thing was? I had two Maybelline coupons for $2 off and CVS had a BOGO 1/2 off Sale on Maybelline products. These shadows retail at $6.99. The grand total  after savings and coupons was around $7 and some change for just 2. $7.27 to be exact. Now, that was a deal!

 I picked up Painted Purple & Edgy Emerald
Tilt head sideways : )
They go on really smooth and they dry and settle in place rather quickly so if you are looking to blend, you may have to work fast. The two that I picked up are sort of shimmery and you can definitely build the color intensity. These will work really well as an eyeshadow base or even to wear alone. I’m looking at these and I’m like, “Hmmm, have I found a replacement for my NYX Jumbo Pencils?”  I spoke to the cashier in CVS and he advised me to come back because they will be restocking the Maybelline Color Tattoo display so I will be able to have my pick at the colors I actually want to get. I am excited and I’ll try not to stalk the store but I have looked for these with no avail and I have finally found them, well at least two. There are a total of 10 colors to choose from. Eight more to go, right? I’m looking forward to the Bronze, Gold and Orange color. Hopefully, I can snag those tomorrow and use these Maybelline coupons. By the way, I go on Ebay often and spend a buck or two and order beauty coupons often…on my last order I bought 20 Maybelline Coupons for $2 and I’ve been using them and saving money on some products. 
I will post a YouTube Video tutorial later and show you how I rock these. Stay Tuned!
One of my favorite blogs http://www.nouveaucheap.blogspot.com always has the skinny on great drugstore deals and discounts.  Check out her blog!

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