Stalking the Mailbox for Two Arrivals

I’ve been eyeballin’ a few products, two of which I ordered last week. I’ve had my eye on the lipsticks from KA’OIR. I’m sure you girls have heard or seen this line all over the place especially my South Florida lovlies. This line is by Video Vixen Keisha Dior, now named Keisha Ka’Oir. I have been watching reviews on Youtube about how creamy and pigmented they are. I also love, love, love me some matte lipsticks. While the KA’OIR’s line is packed with other bold and vibrant colors. I only purchased one color, Racquel (a soft lilac matte color) *pictured below*  I’m looking forward to blending this in with one of my favorite nude lipsticks, to make this wearable while I’m at work. I don’t think that all of these colors are wearable for everyday but I do think that most of these would be great if you are working on editorial photo shoots and fashion shows. I am so excited, I had to talk about it before the product actually arrived but I will give a full review with swatches in a video and I will post it later this week. I hope it doesn’t take forever to get here. 

Racquel $14.99
Here’s the complete lipstick line from KA’OIR Cosmetics. Pretty huh?


The next thing I wanted and ended up finding was The Maybelline Dream Matte Concealer.  I already use the foundation daily but they have long discontinued the concealers. *insert sad face here* I am so in love the with foundations that I went on eBay to search for the concealers and I  purchased two of the same colors, Latte Dark 2. I read a few reviews on various different forums that confirmed how great these concealers were and that Maybelline took them off the market. Why? Shoot I don’t know… Well whatever, because I bought 2 and I only spent $9 bucks with free shipping. I did not get them from a seller overseas, hallelujah! They should be here soon! Review soon come! : )
I’m currently stalking the mailbox.

What are your thoughts?

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