Maybe she’s born with these BABY LIPS!

Since beginning this new Boot Camp Fitness class that I’ve joined, I’ve been noticing that my lips have become a lot drier than normal. Often times while I’m working out… I tend to lick my lips and then they dry out while I’m running. I have those EOS lip balm egg-shaped thingies but they aren’t something that I can carry with me while I’m working out. I usually wear spandex workout tights and a sports bra/tee so I needed something that I can fit snugly in between the girls, if you catch my drift. I remember a few of the beauty enthusiasts raving about these colorful tubes from the Maybelline line called, “Baby Lips”.  Before purchasing, I said to myself, “Aight, Maybelline… don’t go lying to the people nah!” 

So, I went to CVS looking… and as usual, they were sold out! Dang! I went across the street to Walgreen’s and they only had two; Cherry Me and Peppermint. I purchased Cherry Me for about $4.49. I heard the ladies say these lip balms were about $2.99… maybe I should have went to Walmart! *Sigh*  Walgreen’s is high anyway! 
Anywho, I must say that this balm is the BOMB! The name actually does what it says, so I’m clicking the flashing CO-SIGN button. It kept my lips moisturized the entire hour of my workout and then some. The formula is non-drying to my lips. The chappy workout lips are no more! Cherry Me has a slight barely noticeable reddish-pink tint to it. I’m lying…. it is noticeable. My lips have the slight red Kool-Aid stain to them. It’s cute though, I like blushed and flushed lips.

According to Maybelline, 
It’s a new lip renew formula containing SPF 20 to give you an 8hr hydration to your lips, for visibly renewed lips in 4weeks. 

On days when you don’t want to wear a highly pigmented lipstick but want moisturized lips with a light tint to them… these balms are the way to go. I think the Peppermint  and  Quenched shows up clear.

What are your thoughts?

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