Gettin’ my Workout On and Poppin’ 2012

This season in my life and hopefully longer than a season I have dedicated myself to getting and staying in shape. I recently had a gym membership that I kinda wasted my money on because I didn’t go as often as I should last year. I mean, this gym was loaded with amenities like an Olympic-sized swimming pool, hot tubs, a dry sauna and a steam room. It was totally decked out. It’s just something about gyms that I do not like. That membership has expired but my active lifestyle hasn’t. I’ve joined a fitness training boot camp with a few members from my church and we meet up every Wednesday and Saturday for the most excruciating I mean, invigorating workout of our lives. Our trainer, Dave or “Crazy Dave” as I affectionately call him, works us to the max. I almost wanted to quit. My supportive husband who conveniently did not join the boot camp with me, encouraged me to keep going *hehehe* and I did. Philippians 4:13 is my best friend nowadays because I have to recite that in my head and under whatever breath I can muster up to keep myself moving. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to get through the strenuous exercises that Crazy Dave instructs ,but I have noticed, increased energy and a decrease craving for junk foods. It’s all about a lifestyle change and making sure my body is in optimal health…. It hurts but I FEEL GOOD at the same time!

I work out with a great team of people and we all keep each other motivated. Every one isn’t on the same level physically, but we all encouraged one another to keep moving. Last night, Crazy Dave took us to a local University stadium and has us running up and down the stadiums steps and bleachers. OMG! I wanted to grab my keys and crawl to my car afterwards, but we all made it that evening. Try climbing these from the bottom to the top and tell me how you feel! It’s not for the faint at heart!

As you run and work out you start to think about the foods that you put into your body that set you back.  For me was the bacon and sausage that I devoured on Sunday at my church’s Member Appreciation Breakfast. Oh please believe, I paid for it! In addition to the Boot Camp, I’m also taking Pilates and Pole classes two days a week so my schedule is pretty full but I’m working it out by the grace of God. My body is gonna be so right this year! I’m the words of my Pastor, S. Lamar Simmons, I’m going alllll the way!” 
I’m working out 4 days a week now! Yay! 
Cute Poling Bunny dances better than I do! LOL
Pilates V: This hold isn’t easy!

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