New Lip Savior! LipFusion Balm from FUSION BEAUTY

Just when I set out to cancel my Birchbox subscription they threw a tiny monkey wrench in my plans and included a product in my box that I actually like. Shucks! Lately, I’ve been a lil tee’d off with some of the things in my box but May’s Birchbox made me smirk because I like this product so far. 
What you see pictured above is Fusion Beauty’s LipFusion Balm. It’s a super cute and sleek lip conditioning stick. It’s a winner in my book because my lips feel greatly conditioned. It also contains SPF 15 to protect my lips in this extremely hot and humid Florida weather.
According to Fusion Beauty, the immediate benefits are:
Incredibly hydrating formula that provides comforting moisture and SPF protection to lips. Infused with AmpliFatTM and marine collagen filling spheres to help increase the appearance of volume and fullness of the lips immediately and ever time.
The best part is that it’s:
  • Dermatologist Tested
  • Tested on scientists, not on animals
  • Paraben Free
Why do I like it?

It has a nice minty scent to it. A deal breaker for me is a lip product that has a disgusting taste or smell. This has no taste which is a plus because flavored glosses or balms seem to stimulate my appetite and we don’t need that! Now, whatever that AmpliFat stuff is… it works because it does give my lips that pouty Angelina Jolie-esque like feel. *Toots lips out* Ohhh yeaaaa bebe!  It has a slight sheen to it but no where near glossy which is great for the days when I’m outside working out.

 FusionBeauty said that there are “Immediate Results.” I can honestly attest to that, because my lips were a little chapped and sore from the constant licking… and they are better now! I’m healed!!! Woot Woot. I think LipFusion and I may be seeing one another long-term. Next up! The packaging… Ahhhh, the packaging is GREAT! And here’s why… You cant just pull the top off… it screws off! Soooo… that means… if you had this in your bag amongst other things… the top wouldn’t come off in your bag causing a mess. I have ruined the insides of a few bags and lipsticks in the past because if the tops coming off. This bad boy is almost child-proof! Birchbox hooked me up this month and I’m a sucker for great lip wonders and this is one. 

So… Birchbox…I’ll be seeing you next month and please make it good! 

You can get FusionBeauty products at your local Sephora & Ulta Beauty locations or online for $22. 

If you are interested in paying $10 bucks to get some cosmetic and beauty goodies every month visit: to sign up!

Learn More:

Thanks for tuning in! ❤

Always Radiant Everyday

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