A Review: Sheer Cover Duo Concealer

As a participating member of Influenster’s VoxBox Program, I was recently selected to review a Spring 2012 Beauty VoxBox. How cool is that?! Waaaay cool! Duh! Anyhoo… I received a Duo Concealer from Sheer Cover in the color Deep Dark and I must say that I am enjoying what this concealer is bringing to my makeup table.

Sheer Covers informs that this concealer is great for any skin type, and comes in different custom shades for the various shades on our faces. It covers imperfections, the look of dark circles, blemishes, redness and age spots. It also contains jojoba and Allantoin- which is used for conditions such as acne, impetigo, eczema, psoriasis and irritated skin. Say what??!! *Smiling*

I’m all for skin-care so anything that covers blemishes, provides a natural finish and protects my skin from damaging free-radicals and I’m all in.

What I am loving about it is that it goes on thin and it’s creamy. It slips, slides and blends right into place like a well-behaved concealer should. Some of the concealers that I currently own are a bit thick in nature but this one is nice, thin and I don’t have to water it down with a moisturizer. Way to go, Sheer Cover! It does a lot more than what I am able to tell so stop do a click-by and visit Sheer Cover HERE.

Now, this was a complimentary product sent to me through Influenster’s VoxBox program and I was given an option to chose a concealer shade I’d most likely purchase to match my skin tone. I had no idea that they would use my answer to chose and send me a concealer. Pretty clever and sweet! Thanks Influenster. I chose deep/dark because I’m a brown-skinned sistah and I didn’t want to go too light, although I wish I had for highlighting purposes. One side of the concealer is slightly lighter than my complexion and the other side is a little too red. I found that when I blend them together… it’s a perfect match. I’ve been using this duo concealer to define my eyebrows and give them a sharper, freshly-arched look for the past week. I highly recommend setting this concealer with a powder to prevent it from sliding off your face if you are an oily girl like myself. I’m sure Sheer Cover has a product for setting foundation in their line, I just don’t own it at the present moment. *deep sigh*

I do, however want to get the other concealer shades to include in my kit. One thing… I live in hot Florida weather so I have to make sure to keep this concealer in a cool place because it tends to sweat and I don’t want to risk ruining it… You might want to do the same if you buy these.


What are your thoughts?

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