Tip of the Day # 1: Picasso Much?

Today’s Tip of the Day
(Flash Required)

“Whatever you don’t have, you can draw it on, but make sure you draw it on good.” I see a lot of women make attempts to draw in fuller lips or their own eye brows, lacking basic artistic symmetry. *DEEP SIGH*  If you lack hand stability or basic artist brush strokes, you may want to chill and perfect the craft of sculpting your own face.
Eyebrows, frame your face and can bring positive attention to the eyes, when done correctly.
Unless you are going for the dramatic cartoon character effect or you are trying to get your Dr. Seuss on… Never draw your brows like these and make sure if you do, you have friends who are willing enough not to see you look like a plum fool on a night out.
When in doubt, pick up some assistance, by purchasing brow stencils and get your practice on! You can fin them online… Ebay/Amazon…baby!
Thanks for tuning in… until the next tip!

What are your thoughts?

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