2012 Fall Nails: OPI Quarter of a Cent Cherry

I’ve launched deep into this fall season with a pretty, rich and bold nail color. The transition from yellows, corals and hot pinks to something a bit more daring and dark is what it’s all about. My first official nail color for this upcoming fall season is OPI’s Quarter of a Cent Cherry. I love these witty little names they give these polishes. Who comes up with this stuff?!

This color is from OPI’s 25th Anniversary Collection. It’s a deep blue-based cherry crimson color that pairs well against my skin complexion. Certain colors and undertones don’tquite gel with my skintone. Lately these blue-based hues have so that’s what I try to rock with. It’s a very feminine, classic color that would look great with that little black dress. Speaking of, I’m due for a new one soon. *mental note* This nail color has a shiny matte finish and it gets even more shine when you apply a clear top coat.

Things that come to mind when I look at this color is Hollywood Glam, Edgy Vixen, Red Carpet Diva, Sexy, Classic, Vampire. Owwww! True Blood!

Just two coats and a clear top coat and I’m all smiles. Shouts to my nail tech, Tiffany. She always keeps me right! What fall colors are you falling for this season?
Always Radiant Everyday

What are your thoughts?

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