Fall 2012 Goodwill Haul

Gotta love great Goodwill haul right? I seized the opportunity this past Monday and waltzed in and out of this store with some great buys. Every Monday where I live is 1/2 off on clothing and other items during their power hours. If you are looking for retail therapy on a budget, thrifting is the way to go.

DISCLAIMER: *When I finished recording thisvideo, I noticed that my zoom was set too close, hence the cut off of the video. I’ll double check next time… never-the-less I hope you enjoy the video anyway. *

Thanks for watching and subscribing!!!

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One thought on “Fall 2012 Goodwill Haul

  1. Anonymous says:

    Your interaction with the cam is so authentic. Feel as though we're playing dress up with girlfriends. Tooooo funny…with the “ok goodwill”

    It was fun. Your blog is awesome.
    Question, can you research and post the effectiveness of orogold products.

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