Dupe It Out with OPI & Drugstore Nail Polishes

In a previous post, I reviewed OPI’s Gargantuan Green Grape & Austin-Tatious Turquoise nail polishes. Theses colors come from past OPI Collections and they may be hard to find unless you’re getting them directly from OPI. If you do that, then you are paying full price unless you luck up and find them on eBay or Amazon. I loved the colors so much that I went on a dupe search because I wanted to add similar colors to my personal collection.You know… so I can polish my own nails and save some moola.

Lo’ and behold, I find something quite comparable in CVS. Then atop of that, I had a $5 off Beauty Rewards coupon in my wallet. If you aren’t on the CVS gravy train then I urge you to jump aboard because CVS send emails with savings up to 25% periodically.

What you see below is Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear Nail Color in “Mint Sorbet” and Milani’s “Diamond Dazzle.”


 Mint Sorbet is a pretty good nail polish. It’s thick in consistency but two coats cover well without the bald spots and streaking.LOL! It’s similar to OPI’s Gargantuan Green Grape (GGG) as in matte finish and creme appearance. It’s a nice cool, clean color with less yellow undertones as GGG, but it’s still in the same pastel family. It retails at CVS for ONLY $2.99 while OPI’s GGG retails around $8-9.


 Next up to bat is Milani’s Diamond Dazzle. Its a holographic-esque, clear nail color. It has iridescent fine glitter specks in it. It can be paired with any nail polish or worn alone. It does change the color of your base color slightly but I think that’s a good thing when you’re looking to  add a lil’ dimension to your nails. What I also like about Diamond Dazzle is, it’s easy to remove from your nails unlike other glitter based polishes that you have to chisel off in order to remove. This comes off with nail polish remover with ease and only for $4.49 at CVS. I can dig it!

Always Radiant Everyday


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