Review: OPI’s Gargantuan Green Grape

Confession: the fall colors got a little blah to me real quick so I ventured back into the land of the brights with this light green, matte creme color called, “Gargantuan Green Grape” (GGG).

Do I love it? Heck yea! Don’t you?

This color comes from OPI’s 2009 Matte Collection. On first glance it looks as though this color is a minty light green color but it actually has more yellow undertones than blue. However, it does fall into the pastel family. It reminds me of chocolate mint ice cream. Creamy and delicious, ain’t it though?

 I will say this… The formula is rather thin, so Tiffany (my fav Nail Tech) had to layer on 3 coats to get a solid coat without streaks.

The second color is none other than OPI’s “Austin-Tatious Turquoise” from the Texas Spring/Summer 2011 Collection. This color is a bright, shiny, shimmery turquoise color, easy does it though because  Tiffany applied two light coats on one finger on each hand with GGG as the base color. I’m wearing solar nails by the way.

 Shouts out to Tiffany and the staff over at Twinkle Toes (Tallahassee, FL). They do an incredibly quality job. The salon is always clean, well-organized and professional. This nail salon is definitely a jewel! I have long time graduated from the walk-in “in and out” nail shops to a more spa-like nail experience and this is it, smack dab in the middle of Southwood.

If you happen to be in the area tell em, Radiant sent you! : )
Always Radiant Everyday

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