This past weekend the hubby and I shared some exciting news to our family and friends.

We are extremely excited about it and thrilled that God has allowed us to share and carry a life. My husband and I have been married about 2 1/2 years and neither on of us have kids. My parents as well as his were elated about the good news and host of our close friends and church family also shared in our excitement.

This pregnancy was planned. He and I sat down one day and said “Okay, you ready?” He’s always been ready. He’s just been waiting on me (chicken little) to make up my mind and I did. I always chart my cycles on an app on my android phone called, Period Tracker. The app also shows fertile and possible ovulation days. I have pretty normal and regular cycles so it was easy to map out the days when would be the opportune time to try and it worked. We “baby danced” and it worked.

We are open to whatever the sex of our child is…just as long as we have a healthy baby. So while people around us give their predictions we are praying for a smooth (fingers crossed) full term *Halleluia* baby!

So you are probably wondering…”well, how far along are you?” I’m about 1 month pregnant to date. WE decided to break the news as soon as we found out. Beyond excited! Our Pastor whom we love, went nuts!  

Why did we tell so early? Because we wanted to! *Smirks* Understanding that some people wait until they are at least 6-8 weeks before sharing the news, we shared early. I asked a few mommies how far along they were when they shared the news, some said that they didn’t know they were even pregnant until about 3 months or so and other said they shared right away. Some said they they waited because the 1st trimester is the most critical and they didn’t want to miscarry and have the world knowing or asking questions. I discussed this with my hubby and we shared the same feelings towards the matter.

We are both people of faith and we love the Lord wholeheartedly. Having a baby is a joyous occasion and we wanted to share it with the world. Although, miscarrying is a possibility with pregnancy we didn’t even give that a first though. Who trumps good news with a bad possibility? Not us! Our thoughts were: You can share the news after 6-8 weeks after your get a sonogram and still miscarry. I’ve heard of women who have carried their babies to term and went into labor and had to come home without a baby. We are not the type of people who automatically think the worst. Hubby and I are optimistic and faith-filled people and we believe the report of the Lord and while that very well may be a possibility with some pregnancy, it doesn’t have to be with ours. Moving along…

People have been asking us since right after the honeymoon, “when are y’all going to have a baby?” *seriously?* The TIME has come and we can not be more thrilled. I was recommended a book entitled, “Praying through Pregnancy” by Jennifer Polimino. A good friend of ours, Raechelle who recent gave birth to baby Caleb recommended that I read this book. I’ll be picking that book up later today and continue praying and covering my child throughout this pregnancy.

I’m considering sharing my pregnancy journey here on my blog. I’ve also been extremely inspired to paint and create a piece of art. Maybe I should before I get deeper into pregnancy and really don’t feel like doing it. This is a lifestyle and beauty blog… would you guys be open to reading forty weeks worth of pregnancy babble and seeing pictures? Let me know! : )

Stay tuned and God bless! : )

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