Preggie Post: Update!

Geeesh! It feels like I haven’t blogged in a while. My energy level has been near zero. As you all probably already know, if you don’t I’m pregnant. Hubby and I are expecting our first baby together and we are happy that God has allowed us to be parents. As I drag my way through the first trimester of pregnancy I must say that it has been quite a challenge.

As of late, 10 weeks preggie, I’ve been super fatigued. I know I’m tired being my little bean is using all of my energy to grow. I’ve been sleeping with my body pillow as a companion, wrapped around my body. I was blessed with the gift of morning sickness on my birthday. Each night I make sure the trash bin is on standby next to the bed. Gabby, a good friend of mine, blessed me on my birthday with Sea-Bands and ginger candy to ease my nausea discomforts.

The Sea-Bands (P6) works well but after taking a shower, I forget to put them back on. I decided to only wear them out in public to control nausea and when I’m home to leave them off so that I can test out other food remedies and things that work for me.

I’ve discovered that I absolute do not have a craving for anything sweet. Chocolate is repulsive! I, however have an insatiable craving for pizza and sour foods/candy. I’m loving all things tart and lemony these days. Car rides make me puke unless I’m behind the wheel and these days, I do not feel like driving. Certain scents make me gag and I can’t be in a crowded mall around lots of people, I get super nauseous.

A co-worker of mine just put me on to Preggie Pops. They’re lollipops for pregnant women, supposedly good for nausea. I get to try those that this evening, along with sour Skittles.

Then there’s the issue of constipation where I’d eat a little, get super bloated and full and can’t make a move. I’ve had to increase my water intake and make sure I have plenty of fruit juices flowing through my system to get the gears turning. Lately, its been 100% pomegranate-blueberry fruit juice, it’s tart and I can stomach it.

Jonesy has been doing a great job and accommodating my needs both physical and emotional. He’s been very supportive in checking up on me and making sure I’m OK. I can’t wait for the second trimester aka “The Calm”.  I’ve been taking a few belly shots here and there but I haven’t posted any. I will do that at a later date when my energy to edit is up to par.

I’ll check-in again in another preggie to let you all know how things are going.  God bless!

Always Radiant Everyday

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