REVIEW | Secret Outlast Clear Gel

When I saw this video I was on the floor cracking up because how many times have we all did The Deo Dance to prevent the deodorant we just applied from getting on our clothes. I do it all the time when I’m getting ready for church because I do not want the deodorant residue… a.k.a “the white marks” on my clothes. Peep the video below *you know the routine: If you are using a mobile device to read this post, click the title of this post to view the video*


I was sent some of Secret Outlast’s  Clear Gel deodorant complimentary from Influenster, for testing and review purposes. I’ve been wearing a reviewing this deodorant for a week and I don’t have to do that shimmy dance while I get dressed because this deo is #teamNOwhitemarks ! It keeps me fresh and protected from odor and also keeps me dry. I was using the solids from another brand because I like the smell but this deodorant smells great and it doesn’t leave that white residue under your arms. I like this and I’m switching to the clear stuff. It retails about $4 at drugstores around the U.S.

Which deodorant are you currently using?

What are your thoughts?

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