I’m a BlogStar with Influenster!

Why do I love being an #Influenster. Well, I am a beauty blogger and vlogger. I spend a great deal of my time buying products to test and review and share my tips, tricks and findings with the rest of the interested population of men and women in my network. I can’t remember how I stumbled upon Influenster. I think they stumbled upon me on my YouTube channel and the rest was history ever since. I’ve been a member since 2011. Whew! 3-4 years in the game! I enjoy being an Influenster because influenster sends this awesomeVoxBoxes  filled with various different products to test and review, and often times it’s of things I have never heard of or never purchased before. I think this is awesome because this gives me, a blogger, the opportunity to really embrace these products and share what I like and dislike about them. I can share how I incorporate these products into my daily life. If it’s something that I can’t use, I have a willing spouse who doesn’t mind being my muse and testing out the products for me, or i just borrow a friend.
      One of my most memorable VoxBoxes was the Spring Beauty VoxBox 2012
I believe it came around May 2012. Peep the contents below:

It came with Sheer Cover Duo Concealer, Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash, Chap Stick Lip Shield 365, Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Designs, Bath & Body Works Fine Fragrance Mist in Japanese Cherry Blossom, SoyJoy All Natural Fruit & Soy Bar, and a Bonus item: Dr. Scholls Ball of Foot Cushion. It was a box full of goodness that I loved and enjoyed reviewing! With Vox Boxes also comes the #VoxPerks these are like product coupons or discount deals to redeem for. So with something that comes in your VoxBox, you’ll also get a #VoxPerk where you can redeem to get a percentage off of an item. Dope!

I was a member of Influenster way before they got the #InfluensterApp. Influenster has certainly upgraded since the olden days and I LOVE IT! I get a chance to review on the go. It’s a major plus for us products junkies who see products and want to know how the rest of the world likes them. I really like being able to log into the app to search for a product and read the reviews before I spend my hard earned money on items. The search is also much easier because the app comes with a bar code scanner, where you can scan products to locate product information and reviews right at your fingertips *Now how cool is that?!* The app also helps boost your social impact score so that you quality for future VoxBoxes. The more active your are in the Influenster community, the more Insfluenster will select you to receive a VoxBox. I no longer have to wait until I get home to log onto my laptop to check on my badges and post reviews, it can all be done from my phone. It works! 

I like the way they have set up the HUB! Talk about a clean face lift!!! The Hub is like Influenster’s blog platform or central station, if you will. It encompasses product news, consumer reviews, upcoming campaigns and my favorite is the tutorials from other members. You can releally get you learn-on here!

I haven’t gotten a VoxBox in a while because I had a baby last year and I totally committed all my time to newmommyhood… (my new word)! But I have started buying Aveeno products because of Influenster and they’ve really helped my skin and my little one’s skin since she suffers from dry skin and eczema. Since my little one is growing into her own little independence I’m getting back to what I love and that’s product reviewing, blogging and vlogging on YouTube and getting back on my “InfluenSTARship!” <—- my other new word!

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You too can become an Influenster! See you all in the next blog! 

Always Radiant Everyday

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