Product Spotlight: The Original BrushEgg!

I’ve been following these little jokers for some time now. It’s called a BrushEgg and it’s used to aide in cleaning your makeup brushes. It’s so clever how they come up with these little inventions. There are YouTube video reviews and demonstrations on how they are used. You just simply apply your makeup brush cleaner/shampoo onto them, wet you brushes and use the side with the ridges to swirl your brushes on until you have removed all the makeup residue from your brushes. They are made of silicone and suppose to last a while from what I hear. From the picture above, they slide onto your fingers, simple enough right?

Hmm… I wonder if my two little fingers would get tired after cleaning 50+ brushes?

They come in 6 colors; Aqua, Lavender, Pink, Fuschia, Dark Purple and Urban Black and they retail at about $8 on the site where they are sold. They were formerly only available in the UK but are now available in the US.

If you know where to look, you can get them for about a buck and some change. “Mmmm hmmm… quiet is as kept!” I ordered one and I am waiting for the package to arrive. You just gotta know where to look.

I was cleaning my makeup brushes in the palm of my hands like the picture below. Cleaning my brushes this way left my hands tired, slightly irritated and my palms numb, because I would clean about 40+ brushes at a time.

I’m excited for my BrushEgg to arrive and even more excited that I paid a fraction of the price for it. “I love me a good bargain, boo!” I’ll give a full review of the BrushEgg once it arrives and I use it.

How are you currently cleaning your brushes? You are cleaning your brushes, right!?

What are your thoughts?

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