Review: Sephora’s 8 Hour Wear Mattifying Foundation Compact

Over the weekend, I purchased Sephora’s 8-Hour Wear Mattifying Foundation Compact in DEEP. You know the only reason I purchased this was because it said it was oil-free and mattifying. I have combination/oily skin. Having oily skin is not a huge problem for me because I know that an over production of sebum (oil) keeps the skin youthful and wrinkle-free. It can also clog pore if you don’t keep a consistent skin care regimen in place. However, I don’t like my face looking like an oil slick when I’m going for an overall matte look. So I try to only use cosmetics that are formulated for oily skin types. Ya dig? It retails at $22.00 at Sephora.

I took a few morning pictures after I applied it to to see if it holds true to being mattifying throughout the day. Oh, I also used Milk of Magnesia as a primer because I KNOW how oily my skin can get so I needed reinforcement.  I never use the sponge applicator that comes with the compact. I always use my brushes. Here are the pics I took at this morning at 7am:

This morning, I felt that it went on somewhat ashy but I knew that it wouldn’t remain like that once the foundation oxidized into my skin. It was definitely matte, so that’s a plus! Now we wait…

I didn’t blot or wipe my face, although I kinda wanted to outta habit but to stay true to the review I did not touch my face whatsoever, Here is what the foundation looked like at noon. 

By mid-day it’s still semi-matte, there a little shine on my nose and on my cheeks. So, did get a little break of oil come through but not so much. The foundation did oxidize, which was expected. I am glad I used the Milk of Magnesia because I am pretty sure that my skin would’ve been a little more oilier than what you see. I always recommend Milk of Magnesia as a primer under any face foundation if your skin is oily, whether the foundation claims to mattify or not. Let’s see how it does at 5pm!

The final results of the day… It didn’t keep my face totally matte. My face still became oily after 8 hours but it wasn’t as oily as it typically would be without the Milk of Magnesia. I still got oiliness in my t-zone area. 
Would I continue using this foundation?
 I don’t see why not! It photographs well under a flash. It’s not cakey. The coverage is buildable, with a light hand you still will get a nice meduim coverage. When I look for foundations I tend to go for the medium to full coverage finishes anyway and it did keep the “some” oil at bay. It’s not a bad foundation.

What are your thoughts?

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