Deliciousness Review: ROBEKS Fresh Juices & Smoothies

I went to Robeks’ today on my lunch break. I wanted a snack but didn’t wanna get anything from the vending machine. I’ve been going to Robeks’ a lot lately. The only other halfway decent smoothie spot in the city is Smoothie King but it’s way out on the other side of town. Robeks is much closer to my job when I want to steal away and get a refreshing drink. Okay, enough of my babbling… let me tell you whats in this cup!

piclab (1)

This is the ACAI ENERGIZER: Acai Juice,Strawberries, Blueberries, Pineapple Sherbet, Non-fat Yogurt, Boost: Multi-Vitamin, Energy & Soy Protein… THATS IT!

One of my favorites is the SUPER GREEN, it has spinach, frozen yogurt, soy milk and pineapples in it.  I like that it contains fresh fruit and my daughter can enjoy it without all the sugar that’s in store-bought children’s drinks. It’s Nutritious!


Another cool thing about Robeks’ is that they have an Android/iPhone Robeks Rewards App. When you register the app on your phone you automatically get $3 off your purchase. You earn points with every purchase. Each dollar earns you 1 point and when you reach 12 points, you receive a $1 off reward. You also receive a birthday reward and other surprise rewards. Every time I visit, I check-in through the app by entering my zip code, the locations will populate and you just click on the location you’re at to receive a short code that you must present to the register to qualify your purchase and to get the points. If you have a Robeks in your area, stop by and try it and tell me what you think. I plan on trying everything on the menu this year and by the time my birthday month rolls around, i’ll get a free item! How cool is that!

What are your thoughts?

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