Spotlight Watch: L.A. Splash Lip Couture Waterproof Liquid Lipsticks


Photo Cred: @juliasallure

I saw swatches online and on YouTube of these liquid lipsticks from L.A. Splash and I love them already. I don’t own one and I love them. The pigmentation is outta this universe. They retail at about $11.98 on the L.A. Splash website (

Of course you know that I am on a hunt for the whole collection and I don’t mind spending for it either. I went on eBay and saw a seller selling one of them for twenty-three bucks. “Ummm, NO! Are you freakin’ serious, Get outta here!” People will try to jip you if you let ’em. They come in 18 different colors: Innocent Vixen, Untamed, Poison apple, Till Midnight, Forbidden, Hidden Desires, Rose Garden, Lollipop, Latte Confession, Summer Bliss, Vampire, Criminal, OG Ghoulish, Ghoulish, Phantom, Malevolent, Vindictive, & Venom.

So far, the pros are that they are very pigmented, and long-lasting and they don’t remove from the lips with just a wipe. You have to get yourself a good oil based makeup remover to get them completely off of the lips. L.A. Splash does sell a lip product for removing these liquid lipsticks.

I can’t wait to try one or two or three! I’ll keep you ladies posted when I get my hands on one and I’ll do a dedicated review for you. Until next time!


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