JORD | Wood Watches | A Review

Today was an exceptionally great day and an even better evening because I came home to find a package in the mailbox from Jord! I was contacted a few weeks ago from Justine over at Jord, she complemented my blog and asked if I would be interested in reviewing one of their Jord wood watches. I’m saying to myself, while reading her email, “uhhhh heck yeah!” She sent me the link to the Jord website and asked that I look over their collection of watches and the rest is pretty much history in this post!

Now, my husband is “the watch guy”. I look for tend to always look for trendy and unique watches for him all the time to keep his wrist game on fleek. Myself on the other hand… well I’ve been wearing the same watch for the past 5 or 6 years and I’ve been pretty content with that and have the tan line on my wrist to prove it.

Justine over at Jord was kind enough as to send me a wrist ruler so that I can cut it out and measure my wrist to get a decent fit. I think it’s pretty awesome that you can get your watch custom fitted for your wrist. That option is available on the site, so no more watches spinning all over the place. I was given about 6 watch styles to chose from. Boy Oh Boy! It was so hard to choose just one watch style because all of the watches on the site are so nice. I finally narrowed it down and chose the Ely Series Cherry Jord Wood Watch.

On with the review…

My Jord watch watch was packaged nicely in bubble wrap and secured in its nice little watch home AKA a sturdy Jord Wood Box (pictured above).

It was nicely wrapped around a plush Jord Mini Watch Pillow as it traveled all the way from its home base in St. Louis, Missouri all the way to Tallahassee, Florida.

   The ELY Series | Cherry | Wood Watch retails at $129.00

My shipment came equipped with the watch of my choice, A social media connect card, an authenticity warranty card and a small baggie with extender pieces (in the event that I eat to many sushi rolls over the next few weeks and gain a few extra pounds.)

Wooden jewelry is so unique! It has this earthly green essence to it which immediately drew me outside, wanting to snap a few pics of it in the grass. You know… wood…grass…trees… Earth… that sorta thing. Isn’t it gorgeous?!

 I’ve owned wooden rings, earrings, necklaces but never a wooden timepiece! THIS IS COOL! I’m a research nut so I wanted to know what Jord meant. The Urban Dictionary says that JORD means, “To do an impossible feat with ease.” I also read that it is a Swedish/Norwegian word for Earth, Soil, Dirt or Land. My watch is made of cherry wood but they have watches on the site that are made from harvested and sustainable woods such as bamboo, maple, and sandalwood. The best part about this watch is that the glass is scratch-proof!

These watches are definite treasures and their price ranges are from $120 to about $250 which is clearly a luxury timepiece! This watch isn’t exactly waterproof but who drowns luxury in water? I will definitely make sure to take it off before showering.  I can’t wait to pair my new Jord watch with a cute lil ensemble.

If you’re looking for a unique watch for yourself or that special guy in your life, I’d recommend Jord to you! I’m diggin’ this watch! You might also! Check out the entire Jord collection by visiting or browse the trend by searching the hashtag #JORDWATCH on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter!

Disclosurer | This watch was sent to me complimentary by Jord for review purposes but the opinions in this review are solely my own.

Thanks for tuning in!


One thought on “JORD | Wood Watches | A Review

  1. Nakia says:

    Thanks for sharing. I have been searching for a nice timepiece for my husband – we both LOVE wrist watches. When I saw the picture of it, I immediately fell in love. The fact that it’s wood definitely swayed me more but then it’s his favorite color – red! I’m definitely headed over to browse their website for our next favorite timepiece. I’m definitely sharing!

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