Designer Spotlight| Marie James Custom Handmade Clutches

Just in time for the 4th of July! My Marie James clutch arrived in the mail. Let me give you a little insight on Marie James just in case you haven’t heard. The seamstress behind this and other hand crafted clutch hand bags is a young lady by the name of Mrs. Michele Wallace. She’s a native of Miami, Florida but currently based in Atlanta, Georgia. She’s wife, mother of two, designer and an entrepreneur full of vision and a whole lot of style. I actually know her because we went to college together and it’s great to see women evolving and finding their niche out here in this world. I’m a fan of women who are creative and demonstrate passion behind their craft. I remember when she first began making hand bags and I have had the wonderful opportunity of watching her business grow and I am proud of her consistency in the industry of handbag designing. I don’t like comparing folks but she reminds me of Betsey Johnson in a sense because she utilizes lots of color a quirk in her handbag designs and her personal style is fun and quirky as well.

A little back story on the brand… Marie James is a combination of her grandparent’s names Marie & James Fullington in which she is honoring my naming her hand bag line after them. She’s a self-taught seamstress, so imagine all the trial and error that goes behind perfecting this craft and getting it right and she certainly has. She has goals of making Marie James an actual boutique store where you can purchase one of a kind hand crafted handbags and accessories to add a lil’ flavor to your look. She also does custom and wholesale orders so if you own a boutique and would like to feature her line in your store or you just have a favorite fabric pattern, she can make a handbag to suit your fancy.

Okay… here’s the bag I ordered! It’s the Fireworks! Burlap Envelope style clutch hand made with 100% Burlap on the exterior with a Cotton & Faux Leather interior. It’s very sturdy and made with good quality. You can tell that she’s passionate about her collection by the craftsmanship of this bag.  It retails on her online store for $45. You have got to get yourself on over to the site and order one for yourself. Tell her Always Radiant sent you! : )

IMG_6620 IMG_6621

Fireworks! Envelope Style Clutch

(Pictured above Marie James, Owner, rocking on of her custom clutches)

You can visit her online store here:

Follow her brand on Facebook and Instagram here: @MarieJamesClutches 

For wholesale & custom orders/invoice her sure to email her here:

One thought on “Designer Spotlight| Marie James Custom Handmade Clutches

  1. Diamond Zeta says:

    Love the review… I have also ordered a custom clutch, Fireworks2, and I love the look. Can’t wait to see what’s next. What the future of MJ evolves into.

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