Maybe you need a little GINGER in your life!

….and NO! Not the Ginger from Gilligan’s Island. You youngins might be too young to remember that show anyway!

Let’s talk about ginger! I’m a big fan of this spicy lil’ brown root. I’ve grown to love ginger, growing up in Miami, Florida where I was surrounded by a host of different ethnic groups and cooking styles. I’ve grown to love and accept this root in everyday living whether it be for culinary or medicinal purposes. I can remember being sick with a flu and my mother would slice up ginger root, lemons and add honey to boiling water and make a tea, I’d drink it and soon began to feel better. I also remember demolishing a bag as spicy ginger cookies, you know that big brown bag that they came packaged in. Back when I was able to drink regular milk, I use to eat ginger snaps with milk all the time. I carried the same love for ginger with me throughout the years and I’ve even used organic ginger during my pregnancy.

So where does this lil’ weird, horn shaped root come from you ask? Well, Ginger is indigenous to Southeastern Asia but it’s usage has spread far out to countries such as China, Japan, South Africa and the Caribbean. If you’ve ever eating at a Thai, Japanese or Indian restaurant you might have seen cuisines that use ginger in them or even grated into a dressing and put over a salad (similar to what’s pictured below.)

Ginger produces a hot kick to it, similar to the spice of cinnamon when you eat it in its raw form. Ginger may be put off to some of you who particular don’t care for pungent spicy foods. My husband likes a little kick to his food but he certainly doesn’t like raw ginger at all. If you drink “Ginger ale” and like it then you may possibly like raw ginger too. For you sushi lovers, if you’ve ever seen that light pink or light yellow picked pile of in the corner of your Sashimi or Nigiri meal when you’ve order sushi, that’s GINGER! It’s there as a palette cleanser, so if you’re eating different kinds of sushi entrees, you’re suppose to eat the ginger in between to cleanse your palette before the switch. (Pictured below is pickled ginger).

Ginger has beneficial medicinal uses as well. Earlier in this post I mentioned that I used ginger during my pregnancy. Well, Ginger is known to be safe and effective in easing morning sickness symptoms such as nausea & vomiting, motion sickness and seasickness. I went to Fresh Market during my pregnancy months and bought candied ginger and I would chew on it until my morning sickness went away and it really worked. One of the main reasons I use ginger is for stomach aches or to help me digest hearty meals that do a one two kick on my stomach.  It really does wonders for soothing stomach aches and gastrointestinal issues, such as the infamous bubble guts that we all hate! Just rinse them very well, peel the skin off if you can, slice them up and boil them in some water so that you release all of the juices from them and drink the concoction you’ve just brewed. You can drink it hot or cold but don’t forget to add little honey or sugar to it and be prepared for a lil’ spice once you drink it.

Ginger as has very potent anti-inflammatory properties to it called gingerols. It’s believed that individuals who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis experience a significant decrease in their pain levels and improvements in their daily mobility when they consume ginger on a regular basis. Its also been said that ginger consumption has been known to alleviate symptoms of associated with colorectal cancer, cell death of ovarian cancer cells, and even boosting immune health- which is why I remember feeling better after mommy dearest made those spicy ginger hot totties for me when I was younger.

Whatever ginger is said to do for your health, I do recommend that you do your own research and not just take my word for it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! The next time your feeling blah from nausea or have the Bee Gees (sort for Bubble Guts), don’t run right to Pepto Bismol, try some Ginger instead. If you like ginger and are open to trying it, Pinterest has some pretty awesome culinary recipes and medicinal remedies that you might love. Thanks for reading and subscribing! See you in the next post!


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