NEW | MAC Powder Blushes

New MAC Blushes 2015

New MAC Blushes 2015

MAC released an arsenal of new blushes and the beauties have already began swatching, reviewing  and sharing them with the world. Most of the MAC Powder Blush shades are new while a few are resurrected from the past. Thanks to beauty blogger Temptalia for keeping us ever-informed about the latest and greatest!

Here are the shade names and descriptions:

  • Burnt Pepper – a warm rich terracotta (Matte)
  • Devil  – a right coral orange (Satin)
  • Film Noir – a rich warm chocolate (Matte)
  • Frankly Scarlet  – a vivid rose-red (Matte)
  • Full Fuchsia – a bright intense fuchsia (Frost)
  • Pinch O’ Peach – a peachy pink (Satin)
  • Pink Swoon – a soft candy pink (Satin)
  • Sketch – a rich plum (Matte)
  • Swiss Chocolate – a soft cocoa (Matte)

MAC’s Powder Blushes retail at $21.00 and they are now available at online and at MAC locations.

I’ve had my eye one blush in particular and its the one called, “Swiss Chocolate”, and I recently placed an order for it on the MAC Pro site and I’ll be at the mailbox like an excited little kid waiting it arrival. I tend gravitate to beauty product that are multi-purpose and Swiss, according to reviews can be used more than one way. “Swiss Chocolate” can be used as a blush, transition/ crease color for your eyes and it can serve as a transition/contour color for your face. *Can’t get more multi-purpose than that, eh?* When it arrives, I’ll most likely paint my face and take a plethora of pictures showing you all how I use it so stay tuned for that.

Have you seen, swatched and/or purchased any of these blushes for yourself? If so, do tell!  Until we meet again! ❤


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