NEW | Makeup Forever’s Artist Plexi-Gloss

We all know that fads come and go in the wounder world of beauty. Some fads double back and reinvent themselves under a new guise when a celeb or someone of notable mention coins a certain look. Lately, in the world of lippies, there’s been a constant trend with liquid lipsticks. Liquid lipstick are just what they sound like, highly pigmented lip colors that can give you a lasting finish of satin or even matte if you don’t like the look of sheen to your overall lip color.

The matte lippie craze is awesome if I might say so myself. I enjoy matte lipsticks as I’m someone who enjoys wearing MAC’s Ruby Woo and even L.A. Girl’s Matte Glosses. After browsing a popular makeup forum, I came across a set of lippies that were like wow!

Okay, here they are! Its Makeup Forever’s Artist Plexi-Glosses! The were released in MUFE’s, “BE BOLD. BE UNEXPECTED. BE YOU.” campaign, which encourages everyone, everywhere to redefine beauty, explore, and celebrate the freedom of self-expression. The campaign launched on July 16th, and will included in-store activations and events at Sephora where they showcased the new Ultra HD Foundations, Eyeshadow palette and they showcased this collection of glosses, that were originally released in May of 2015. There are 35 full range colors in the collection. They retail at $19 and you get them from the Makeup Forever website and from Sephora.

The wow factor is that these glosses are WET! According to MUFE, they claim to be, a triple-impact lip gloss with buildable color and high-shine that stays put. Artist Plexi-Gloss’s wide array ranges from pearly and non-pearly finishes to sheer and opaque colors. The SuperFlex Applicator ensures precision and control, delivering just the right amount with its small split-tip dose applicator. The uniquely contoured tip is shaped to comfortably hug the lip, evenly distributing color. 

Do you see that shine! I’m interested in seeing how these glosses work on myself and clients. However i’m wondering if they are sticky and really have that 5-hour staying power considering that I don’t eat or drink for a solid 5 hours. Probably not!

I’ll most likely pick up one in the coming weekend for testing and review and i’ll share the results with you all in another post.

Check you then! Ciao!


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