How I stumbled upon a MAC Ruby Woo DUPE!!!


Yup! Ruby Woo has a twin… let me tell you how I stumbled upon it! A few weeks ago I had ordered some Jordana foundations from an eBay seller and they got my order totally wrong by sending me 6 shades of Jordana’s Modern Matte lipsticks instead. A lil’ pissed, yes! I had never tried these lipsticks and wasn’t even interested in them because they simply were NOT what I initially ordered. I emailed the seller and informed them of the mix up and I waited a couple of hours for her to reply back. Meanwhile, I opened the six shades of Jordana lipsticks I was sent and swatched them all on the back of my hand.They weren’t mine essentially and I was hoping that she wouldn’t want me to send them back because I was not about to pay postage fees for their screw up.

Anyhoo, as I continued to swatch, I started to fall in love with the mistakenly sent lippies. Was this really a mix up did God just bless ya girl? I’ll go with the latter, because when I got to the matte red shade, I shouted, “RUBY WOOOOOO”! I had to smell it because I’m funny like that and I don’t like lippies that smell like yuck, especially if myself or my clients will be wearing them right up under our noses for hours. If you are a MAC wearer you might notice that MAC lip products has a very sweet distinct scent. I told you, I’m funny like that so I do smell stuff. LOL! These Jordana lipsticks smell just like MAC Lippies. *Side eye* I might have to do some investigations because we all know that every high end product had a lower end twin floating around out there in the world and it’s really up to the consumer to find these jewels. Hmmmph! Well, I found ya baby!

You’re probably reading this and you’re like, “Rae, why are you so excited about this?” Well, I’m excited becauuuuse, my tube of Ruby Woo is on its last freakin’ leg, because it broke and i’m just about out (see pic below). Sure… I can buy another one with my MAC Pro discount but why when there’s a Ruby Woo twin sister for $2.49? And sure I love MAC, support them 100% and I throw my coinage at them regularly but I don’t feel like spending close to $15 for a tube of lipstick + shipping and handling fees and then I have to sit and wait days for the lil’ black MAC box to hit my porch. Nah, I’m opting for the cheap route. IMG_9394

Kudos to the warehouse dude who messed up my original Jordana order and sent me these lippies! Thanks! I love the other shades and I’ll probably blurb about them in a Youtube favorites video later because the shine goes to Jordana’s Modern Matte Lipstick in 12 Matte Style aka Ruby Woo’s twin!


Here’s the skinny… Jordana’s Modern Matte has the the same color pay off as MAC’s Ruby Woo, similar, if not same scent, both are matte red colors. I’ve always though Ruby Woo was a but drying on my lips and I’ve heard the same from other MUAs and MAC enthusiasts so with any matte lippie, I recommend the use of a lip balm first just to create a barrier between the lipstick and your lips, just to keep them moisturized. Just as MAC’s Ruby Woo is a tad bit staining to the lips, so is Jordana’s lipstick. I have nothing negative to say. They are certainly relative dupes. I will not by ordering another Ruby Woo is the present future… thanks JORDANA! HA!

Here are my swatches (L: is Jordana Modern Matte in 12 Matte Style & R: is MAC’s Ruby Woo)


Let’s just say, I’ll be ordering more!

If you”re interested in this Jordana lipstick or want to check out the others you view them on or visit Amazon and eBay for deals.



What are your thoughts?

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