Surround yourself with action people and what I mean by action people, is people who you see that are actively pursuing and achieving goals, running businesses and striving to live and do right. Those stagnant people without a drive who seem to have negative things to say when you submit an idea their way, or seem to always want to discuss the personal and or private affairs of others…run far away from those people because! Don’t let Negative Nancy and Bitter Bob pull you down. Those kind of people lack vision for themselves and they will not support, promote or encourage yours. As a creative, I must stay flowing… so personally, in order to flow, I have to stay connected to my heavenly Father and I must stay equally yoked with other believers and creatives because we all push, promote and celebrate the greatness in one another. Today, I encourage you to pray and worship more, evaluate your inner circle, write down affirmations and confess them daily and lastly surround yourself with like-minded dreamers, doers, believers, and thinkers who see the greatness in you even when you haven’t yet seen it in yourself yet!

Be GREAT today!


xoxo, Always Radiant Everyday


What are your thoughts?

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