I’m on PERISCOPE!!!!!!!!

I was asking by a few of my followers if I was on Periscope and I am! They asked if I did Beauty Scopes and talks about makeup and such and I hadn’t! I was mainly just doing random scopes and getting my feet wet with this whole “video Twitter” since that’s really what it is. Then I had an Ah-Ha! moment and decided to just do frequent broadcasts on Periscope and share my love for beauty and some of my knowledge with the rest of the world. “Everyone’s doing it!” My friends and followers always keep me up on it and make sure I’m not laggin’ behind the times. LOL! Thanks ya’ll! Sooooo, with that said…I’ll be focusing my scopes on all things makeup and beauty and the randomness that happens in my life. I’m excited! Are you?!

I’m a Beauty YouTuber and will always be, but I’m love the real-timeness of Periscope! So FOLLOW Me on Periscope at @alwaysradianteveryday

You can still catch me on Youtube at AlwaysRadiantEveryday

Twitter: @alwaysradiante

Love Ya’ll! Muah!

PERi Flyer


What are your thoughts?

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