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One of my fellow blogger friends, MakeupBySehar  just sent me an email warning me not to subscribe to LipMonthly because she has a terrible experience with them. She even directed me to her blog post where she has reviewed and detailed her experience in dealing with the company and it was not good at all. After reading her blog post, I’ve decided that I will CANCEL my subscription and let you all know why. I would never want to put you all in connection with a company whose customer service etiquette is janky. So before it gets started, let nip it in the bud NOW! If you’ve subscribed to LipMonthly from reading my previous post, please cancel or keep the subscription at your own risk. Maybe you’ll have better luck. I just choose to use my better judgment and send my coinage elsewhere! Unfortunately, the Lets Talk Lippie segment will be postponed, sorry ladies! We beauty gals stick together and when we catch wind of fraud within a company, it spreads like a wild fire. Lipstick Monthly…please do better!~

Read Sehar’s experience with LipMonthly here: http://makeupbysehar.com/2015/11/13/lipmonthly-review-and-opinion-boycottlipmonthly/


Ugghhh ya’ll know I love a good beauty subscription box! I’ve subscribed to several in the past. I was browsing Facebook and my eyes stumbled upon the LipMonthly ad. *raises eyebrows* I’ve never heard of this one before and it’s not even new, have I been under a rock?

So here’s the scoop,  I’ve already attached myself to it and I am now subscribed and eagerly awaiting my 1st bag.


Every month you’ll get a bag containing 4-5 lip products such as lip balms, lip glosses, lipsticks and lip stains in their full retail size. No samples! That’s a definite plus and a great way to build your lippie collection. When I enrolled this morning, I’ll get my first December 2015 bag for only $5 because I used the coupon code: LIPLOVER *You can use the same coupon code to get the same deal.*  I chose the $12.95 monthly option every month. They have other payment options as well and you can cancel at anytime. I like the freedom to cancel when I want to in the event that I want my ‘coinage’ to go elsewhere.

I like that I will be able to review and give away lippies. I love blessing ya’ll with stuff!

Check out Sarah Terese’s LipMonthly’s video to get a feel for what it’s all about: (If you’re reading this post from your mobile device and you don’t see the video, click this post’s title link above to be redirected.) 

I plan on doing a Lets Talk Lippies segment on my blog every month as I receive my shipment from LipMonthly so stay tuned for those posts in the upcoming future.

You can get your very own subscription by clicking this link: https://lipmonthly.com//referral/HfIuSsMfq4Qn  and we can talk lippies together!

Oh, Don’t forget to use the Coupon Code: LIPLOVER to get your 1st box for only $5.

Let me know in the comment section when you’ve subscribed to Lip Monthly! I’d love to hear from you. Catch ya in the next post!



  1. Written In The Cosmets says:

    I purchased a yearly box with them with a coupon) emailed them about it first then the coupon didn’t apply properly so I had to fight with them for a refund of the coupon amount. For some reason they emailed me saying they are changing my subscription to say monthly but not to worry, I won’t get charged until next september(a year after my purchase)… now they have charged me $30 a month(no clue why cause it’s nowhere near shipping or subscription price) and i have had to constantly fight them for my money back, and they keep saying it’s my fault for changing my status to monthly… When I didn’t even do that!!! It’s like they are hoping I won’t notice. Definitely am cancelling after my year is up. By far the worst service EVER

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