The gears are spinning at the Always Radiant Everyday camp!


The new year has already started off with a BANG! I’ve been eating up the pavement as I’ve taken on road cycling as a new hobby!  I’ve blog about the journey in another post soon. Business-wise, my planner /scribble -pad is about to fall apart but thank God for all the clients that are rollin’ in. What a blessing! I’m still responding back to email offers to partner with companies to become a brand ambassador for their new products. WooHOO! I’m still working out the kinks and there will be some great things in store and of course more GIVEAWAYS!! I love giving away great products to my loyal followers.

I’ve already purchased my ticket to attend the Orland0 2016 Makeup Show that’s happening at the end of January so stay tuned for haul videos, pics and posts. I’ll most likely jump on PeriScope: @AlwaysRadiante or SnapChat: @MillionheiressJ to share some of the activity for that event so make sure you’re following.  If you’re going, I’d love to meet you in person!

On another note, I’m a bit sad that I had to cancel my trip to Los Angeles to attend the 2016 IMATS but I thought it would be more cost effective to ditch the L.A. trip to attend the Makeup Show then catch another IMATS show later in the year or even in 2017. It hurt me to the core bit HEY, there will be other shows. *POUTS* I was looking forward to the CALIFORNIA breeze!

I’m excited for what’s in store for my brand/company. I look forward to working with some pretty amazing creatives in the coming months and hopefully this year I will designate some time for my own photo shoot. I’m a tad bit behind with my YouTube videos because I’ve been super busy but I’ll try to squeeze in a few for you all.


I want to thank you all for rocking with me and following my blog and social media platforms, I truly appreciate you guys.


What are your thoughts?

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