Three Products I love this Month…

Hey beauties!!! We’re midway through the month of November and I just had to share some of my most recent beauty and skincare loves with you all. I enjoy testing and trying different products and regimens to see what’s a smash and what’s a crash. This month I’m sharing three SMASHES in my beauty book! 😁

This first product is holy grail and reigns supreme next to drinking water daily. Drumroll please…. 

Yup! ALOE! And not the commercial kind that’s mixed with other ingredients,  I’m talking about, you driving to Lowe’s or Home Depot and buying you a small aloe plant. That’s what I did! Growing up in Miami, my grandma had several aloe gardens and anytime we’d get a scratch or a burn she’d slice open an aloe leaf and rub that gooey flesh on the affected area and I promise you we were healed instantly. Well…maybe not instantly but it sure as heck closed minor wounds and helped burns recover almost overnight. The lady even made infused water with it and drank it. *shakes head* I’m not there yet… the taste isn’t great at all and lingers forever…you’ve been warned! The reason I’m listing it as a fave for this month because I had a pimple, and yea a sista still gets those occasional hormonal monsters from time to time.  I needed it gone and I didn’t feel like sifting through the products on the skin care aisle at Target so I went back to my roots *literally* and bought an aloe plant. Best inexpensive decision I made because they require very minimal care and a staple in my household where I have a toddler who ALWAYS has a “boo boo” from falling, result of running full speed through my house. 😕 Well, after I treated that red pulsating goblin on the side of my face it was reduced to a shriveled minute bump, then after a day it was no longer a raised bump. Ayyyyyeee! 

Aloe wins the day but don’t take my word for it though… check it out on Pinterest by typing in ALOE and read along to discover Aloe’s many other health benefits, you’ll be amazed! 


Turmeric power! I mean powder… can be found at any co-op grocery stores. It’s on my list for the month because turmeric powder mixed into a paste with coconut oil is used as a NATURAL TEETH WHITENER. Heard about it, tried it and here we are today!  So save your coins and put those white strips back on the shelf because if you use this for a week straight… you will see significantly whiter teeth. I did it, I should’ve journaled the experience but I didn’t 😒particularly because I’ve already tortured you all with my braces journey from A to Z, so I’ve spared you all. 😬 Just know that ya girl is/was an avid tea and coffee drinker and those beverages over time will stain your teeth, but our dear and gracious God has created things on this earth that can remedy the yellowest of teeth if you’d only use them and be consistent with it… thank me later. 


Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water!!! 

I particularly like the Garnier brand, and I have both the pink and blue labeled bottles. They assist majorly with getting rid of face paint and stubborn eye makeup. I’m not a fan of tugging around the eye area when washing my face because I don’t want premature aging and bags around my eyes so I need a makeup remover that’s gonna remove all my waterproof liners and mascara with gentle swipes and this is it! It doesn’t burn my eyes, is not all oily like other makeup removers. It also gets rid of that hard to remove matte lipstick that we all love so much. Thanks Garnier! I don’t want to scrub half my face off just to get it clean and this is a winner in my book! See Target or Walmart and try it for yourself.

Try some of this stuff out for yourself and comeback and let me know how it worked out for you, I’d love to hear your feedback!

Until next time!💋

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