Meet Radiant

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Radiant Jones

Blogger & Founder of Always Radiant Everyday Makeup Artistry

Radiant Jones is a native of  Miami, FL.

Radiant’s journey as an artist began very early in her youth. She was recognized as a gifted artist by her elementary school Art teacher, Mr. Smith who encouraged her to pursue the arts and would often call on her and a few other classmates to paint holiday-themed murals on the glass windows of the neighborhood McDonald’s in her hometown of Carol City, a suburb in Miami, Florida.

In 1996, she attempted to enroll in the Art Magnet program at Miami Norland Senior High and was turned away because she was told that she didn’t make the cut. Disappointed and discouraged, she began to second guess her natural abilities and put away all of her sketch books and art supplies determined to never to draw or paint again. It wasn’t until she took an Art class, directed by Mr. Suarez, as an elective at her high school, Miami Carol City Senior High, where the spark towards her destiny was ignited once more.

As a cheerleader in high school, this Miami Carol City Chief began sketching and painting the banners for her high school football team to run through before the games. This was a creative outlet for her and gave her the much needed confidence to continue on as a budding artist. In college, she continued sketching and painting on clothing, canvas and just about anything she could get her hands on.

She graduated from Florida Memorial University with a degree in Psychology and relocated thereafter to Atlanta, GA. She went on to pursue her love for the arts by freelancing and custom painting designs on t-shirts and shoes under her former company name, PhiveStar Apparel & Designs. She met and partnered with Sed Sands of Design Freaks where they would paint clothing & shoes for clients in the downtown Atlanta area. As this trend evolved so did Radiant as she found her niche in the canvas of the face. Already, well versed in color theory, it was a natural transition for her to swap her acrylics & paint brushes for makeup artist brushes. Radiant got married in July of 2010 and relocated to Tallahassee, FL.

She enrolled herself into North Florida Cosmetology Institute in 2011 to begin studying her new canvas. “You can’t just apply paint to a canvas without knowing the ins and outs on the canvas you are working on,  the skin is complex, it’s an organ so you have to be able to know how to care for it as well as dress it up”, Radiant says. She graduated from North Florida Cosmetology Institute as a licensed Esthetician and ready to go full throttle as a professional makeup artist.

She began officially freelancing in 2009 and after becoming licensed she walked into entrepreneurship as the Owner of Always Radiant Everyday Professional Makeup Artistry, providing professional beauty services to her clientele. Currently, Radiant is a YouTube partnered Beauty Guru and Blogger. She has done makeup backstage for MLG Productions’ stage plays, recently became a locally published makeup artist with her work gracing two covers of Tallahassee Woman Magazine and also landed the job of one of the key makeup artists for Tallahassee Nights Live, a live music band and performer’s showcase directed by Darius “Doc D” Baker.

She’s one of Tallahassee’s most diverse and talented makeup artists. She continues to further her studies as a makeup artist by attending trade show educational workshops lead by some of the industry’s top professional beauty educators and practicing her craft independently. She has a passion for serving her local community with her talents and also travels by radiantly making over one face at a time. She is an example of determination, motivation, and dedication. Her mission is to instill these traits into everyone that crosses her path, and with her knowledge of life experiences and beauty, she hopes empower women to shine inwardly so that it’s manifested on the outside and to remind women everywhere to always be RADIANT everyday.

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Thank you so much and God bless you.



3 thoughts on “Meet Radiant

  1. steven taylor says:

    HI baby,gess what.This is your dad,steven.Happy New Year. May God continue to bless you.Give my grand baby a big hug and kiss for me.Give my reguargs to Mr.jones.I pray God I get to see you all before I leave this world. LOVE YOU.Your DAD. Steven Taylor.

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