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 I’ve been heavily into art since I was a teeny bopper. I was always drawing and sketching on stuff at a very early age. As an art enthusiast, I find inspiration in many things, when it hits deep within my spirit, sometimes I can’t sleep because I have to release that creative energy. I’ll stay up late painting and working on a piece. Sometimes it’s therapy when life’s frustrations hit and I want to vent. I’ll pray and take it to God but there are times when I am just silent and I have to express that feeling, emotion or mood through some form of art. In my world, God is the Master Creator and I am just an extension of his handiwork in the Earth. He created me to create! Below are some of the pieces that I have created over the years. I’m still adding to this collection. I’m open to recreate some of the pieces you see below, if you’re interested in them.  I hope you enjoy.

What are your thoughts?

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